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HYIP’s are not paying period. 99 percent of all high yield investments and business opportunities on the internet are proven scams. Why do I know because, I’ve been there, done that and I know how most of the people who get scammed by the hyip’s what it feels like. This is the last program I'll ever be involved in! Our target projection for each member is to receive $4,000,000.00. Snowball Funds will allow you to be WEALTHIER than your wildest dreams. There is nothing complicated to learn and the entire process is a one time payment of $24. And with 6 billion available members worldwide, we can help each other attain financial independence. Your best investment ever!!! Gas prices are rising to record levels and commuting to work is not a viable alternative anymore. You are about to discover how to make a six figure income using one of the best affiliate programs out there, the only one where you get paid on all 6 levels! The cost is only $24 and this will buy you powerful e-books and tools to help you succeed in any type of business on the net. You buy these directly from your sponsors. You don’t need to sell this e-books, this is optional, follow the procedures below to start earning immediately. All you do is- Sign up for an account, Pay your sponsors $4 six levels up (paypal or e-gold). Then you’ll receive your ready to start businesses, along with your site and your name added to the bottom of the sponsor list. Promote your site and start watching your inbox get flooded with payment notifications! No need to wait for your name to reach #1 position, you’ll get paid on all levels, and there are no admin fees! Unlike other programs, this one has low risk high investment return reward! Join now!

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