What is search engine gateway?

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Navino launched its search engine gateway service recently. For most of the Internet surfers, search engine gateway is a pretty new concept compared with meta search engine or multi search engine. Put it in simple, it is a web service, which can let you search the best information from the best content providers in one website. When we try to find information everyday, most of us might go to Google.com. Yes, it's true. Most of the time, Google works well. But does Google return the best information? I guess you would agree that the search engine's ranking algorithm could only give a good answer, but not the best. Well, you may ask, where can I get the BEST? The best weather information? The best book information? The best price for your favorite mp3 player? The short answer is from the brain, from the hand picked information. Therefore, Navino's editors and their users give out that the best weather website is weather.com, the best book website is amazon.com and the best price information is froogle. Besides best hand picked information resources, Navino also provide the search engine gateway technology. Using this technology, you can search all the best website at Navino. All you need to do is to add a unique search name before your searching keywords. For example, if you want to search New York's weather, you can search with ‘weather New York' and you will be forwarded to weather.com with the keyword ‘New York'. If you want to search finance books, you can search with ‘book finance' and you will be forwarded to amazon.com with the keyword ‘finance'. If you want to search the best price for your favorite mp3 player, you can search with ‘price mp3 player' and you will be forwarded to froogle with the keyword ‘mp3 player'. Navino search engine gateway is very convenient for your everyday web surfing. Besides that, Navino also provides its users to customize their own search engine gateway and allows its users to recommend search names for public use.

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